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V Talk Corporate Institute (VTCI) is the Unit of V Talk India registered under Indian government, Founder by Mr. Vijay Rai in 2018.

Mr. Vijay Rai is an Entrepreneur,  Trainer & Education Counselor who started his entrepreneurship journey in 2016 with a motivational blog website vtalkindia.com to inspire the people after working in corporate sector for more than 5 Years.

While working in corporate sector he found that whatever we have been taught in the school & collage are not really helpful for us to get a good job & the people actually looking for the job are not up to the mark of skill set required by the corporate companies.

In a nutshell it can be said that people looking for the job in companies are not update with Technologies & Software used in the companies. They have lack of proper communication. They are not that much aware about corporate culture & personality.

This entire scenario is creating a problem of companies that they are not getting the right candidate & also for the normal person that they are not getting the job in reality. So Vijay Rai came up with an idea to form an organization V Talk Corporate Institute ( VTCI ) to train the people to get the job easily & help corporate companies to get the right candidate.

Vision : People Transformation.

Mission : VTCI is on a mission to be the one & only corporate centric educational organization in the world.